"I Still Believe in Love 2"

I Still Believe in Love 2 is the second book of poems that read like a story and sings like a song.

It's a collection of "Illustrative & Visual Poetry" at it's best, a combination of romantic poetry with stunning photography that helps to tell the story.

"Illustrative & Visual Poetry"

Illustrative & Visual Poetry is a type of Poetry where the words tell a story and are overlaid onto spectacular photography that directly relates to the story.

It's Poetry that stimulates the senses of Sight, Sound and Feelings as you explore each new poem and identify hidden and obvious meanings in the photography.

"Words that Rhyme"

AND       TELL       A       STORY

A collection of beautiful photography with words laid over top to tell the story. Each person will read, feel and hear a different story in "Words that Rhyme" with the view merely being dependent upon the perspective of the individual who is reading the words.

"I Still Believe in Love"

I Still Believe in Love is a collection of romantic poetry that reads like a story and sings like a song.

​A collection of poems that is sure to stir the senses!

James A. Grove