"I Still Believe in Love"
is now available through the direct link below

My new book "The Purple Door", is now available in the iBook store.
It features the narration efforts by "Kazoo" The Purple Cockatoo as he
moves from story to story.


James A. Grove
"Carnival Zoo's & Ferris Wheels" is a Read-to, Read-along audio e-book or let
Rocky Road The Smiling Toad read it for your child.
It is available in the iBookstore for the iPad running the ibooks app 3.0
To check out a sample of the book, follow the link below:

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"I Still Believe in Love"

A collection of Romantic
Poetry / that reads like a Story / and sings like a Song

Poems about good love, about bad love and some
not about love at all.
Yes there are times
I have to say
Man is a fool
Behaving this way

And there are places
Still today
We don't speak of
Or wish away

Just like a shooting star
That's travelled far
Lighting up the sky
Asking the question why

Then in my darkest hour
I hear you say
Your love will stay
Love's funny that way

Love's Funny That Way

Yes there are times
And there are signs
That do tell us
Not to fuss

Then there are ways
And there are why's
But they never ask
Why so shy

It's like a blooming flower
Struck hard by the sun
This at the dawning hour
That's nearly done

Love's funny that way
No matter what they say
No matter what you do
You know it's up to you

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“I Still Believe in Love 2” is a book about Illustrative & Visual Poetry, a combination of romantic poetry and stunning photography to stimulate the senses that help tell the story. A collection of romantic poems that read like a story and sing like a song.
"I Still Believe in Love 2"
is now available through the direct link below

Hi, I'm James A. Grove and I'm an Author of children's audio ebooks for the iPad.
The children's audio e-books are of short stories in the form of nursery rhymes for kids the ages of 3-7.
I created these audio e-books for the iPad, running the iBooks app 3.0 with the iOS 5.1 or later 
I hope that you enjoy reading and listening to it as much as i did creating it.

 I also write Illustrative Poetry, also for the iPad.

Illustrative Poetry to stimulate your senses, Poetry for your brain, ears and eyes.
"I Still Believe in Love" is a collection of Poems that read like a Story and sings like a Song.
 some are about good love, some are about bad love and some are not about love at all.
Originally I wanted to magically transform the poems into songs (how, I had not figured out yet)
But if you start to hear a tune in your head or feel a melody in your heart
and you find yourselves maybe humming along then I guess I really did turn them into songs…
...one person at a time.

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